Bubble Hunter

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Android 2.3+


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Product Description

Bubble Hunter is a re-imagined version of Pang/Buster Bros that takes the mechanics to the next level by adding RPG elements and multiple heroes while wrapping the game in full HD graphics. Pick your hero and start shooting bubbles like there’s no tomorrow, the goal being to destroy them all and collect the coins. The faster you destroy them, the more stars you receive and advance to the next level  – you can also play in endless mode to train yourself.

Main features:

  • Classic Pang/Buster Bros gameplay. Bubble Hunter features the classic gameplay we all loved. Simply use the left/right controls to move and tap to shoot at dropping bubbles that have realistic physics mechanics.
  • Pick your Hero. You can unlock and play with 4 unique heroes. From Harper to Nobel, each has different abilities and you can upgrade them using the hard-earned coins. Level up to unlock their full abilities.
  • A never-ending play. Enjoy 40+ levels each with a unique puzzle or unlock the endless mode and put your endurance to the test. Encounter unique enemies and bosses and look out for Easter Eggs!
  • Unleash powerful abilities. When things get tough you can use special abilities. The Active ones are triggered manually (i.e. increasing the chance to release second shots), while the Passive abilities run automatically (i.e. invisibility).
  • Achievements & leaderboard. Play well enough to unlock achievements and compete with friends/other players by earning your place in the leaderboards. You can capture and share parts of the game via Everyplay Replay system.
  • HD graphics & awesome music. Bubble Hunter has a retro look but also features HD Graphics and effects for an incredible visual journey. Accompanied by awesome music, you’re in for a true gaming experience.

Bubble Hunter uses the “fair-IAP” policy where everyone has the same chance of enjoying the full game experience without being forced to buy in-app purchases.