Brief: Phone Management

Brief: Phone Management

Brief: Phone Management

December 13, 2015
Andriod 4.1 and up


Brief is an all-in-one app that gives you the power to easily manage your phone or tablet from a single dashboard. With it you can manage your communications (SMS, phone calls and emails), files (manage and protect them), photos, notes and RSS news sources.

Why open 8 different apps when you can use a single one?

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Product Description

Here are the main features that make Brief a one-stop for your phone/tablet management:

  • Email Client. Brief includes a fully featured email client that you can use to send, receive and manage your email accounts. You can set up POP or IMAP accounts and add custom SMTP servers for advanced sending options.
  • Phone Calls & SMS Management. With Brief you get the power to handle all your communications from a single place. It lets you view and manage your phone calls without leaving its interface and also use it as your default SMS app (with support for emoticons).
  • RSS Feeds & Notes. Brief acts as a RSS feed reader allowing you to view news from your favorite source in a single location. Stay informed without leaving Brief. If you find something noteworthy you can create notes and manage those later.
  • File Manager & Secure Locker. Browse, view, edit and compress your files using Brief’s internal file manager. You can also securely delete sensitive files to avoid forensic recovery. It can act as a secure password-protected locker where your important files are encrypted.
  • Camera. Use Brief to snap photos and easily share those via Instagram. You can also style Brief to match a particular look by changing various colors in its interface.