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Product Description

Remember Bomberman? We’re sure you do and the great news is that you can play a better version of it, Power Bombers.

The best part about Power Bombers is that it has the same classic gameplay but comes with unique twists. Pick a hero with special abilities (i.e. speed, shielding) and bomb your way through unlimited procedurally generated levels. Unleash your rage through the joy of destruction.

Nonetheless, smash your friends to bits with multiplayer game mode, where up to 8 players can compete against each other for the title of Power Bomberman.

Main features:

  • Classic Bomberman gameplay. Use your hero to move in a walled-in maze and place bombs to destroy enemies (without killing yourself!). Collect skulls and reach the exit after defeating all enemies to advance onto the next level.
  • Multi-player mode. Play with or against your bomber friends in multi-player mode. Up to 8 players can test their bombing skills while having a blast… literally. In multiplayer, the last man standing wins.
  • Procedurally generated levels. You can play 3 different campaigns, each with unlimited procedurally generated levels and different difficulty. The more skull points you get, the tougher zones you can unlock, but with higher rewards.
  • Multiple heroes. There are 15 different heroes you can unlock and play with, each with special abilities: super speed, shockwave bombs, wall-breaking and lots more. Spin the wheel before every level and see which random hero you’ll be playing with.
  • Retro graphics. A retro-style design that beats even the classic Bomberman’s experience. Accompanied by great sounds and explosive sound effects (again, literally!), you’re in for the ultimate bombing experience.

Power Bombers is more than a game, it’s an experience that takes you back in time, virtually.