Body Defence

September 8, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up


Body Defence is a fun game with a medical theme and some realistic scenarios. On a daily basis our bodies are attacked by viruses and bacteria, but luckily we have antibodies to fight off their attacks.

That’s the idea behind Body Defence too, you play as an antibody and you must help your host survive the attack of viruses/bacteria. Fail to do that and the body dies due to general infection.

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Product Description

The game starts with a gruesome detail, you see the skin being cut off with a knife. That’s when the attack of viruses begins and you must play to fight off the invasion and prevent viruses/bacteria to get inside the body. The cell you control automatically shoots at the hoards of viruses falling down and you must guide it to hit precisely. While it starts easy, soon the screen is filled with incoming viruses and that’s when you can use upgrades to add extra cells that shoot at the viruses, upgrade your shoot and more.

If you lose that battle then the fight moves inside the body. There you must use your cell’s antibody shield to fend off the virus attack. They send bullets your way and you must reflect them back to destroy them (kind of PONG).

Game Features:

  • Minimalist Graphics. Instead of fancy graphics you’ll see some captivating designs that help you focus on the actual gameplay rather than eye candy. Still, the graphics are very good and give you the feeling of a real infection.
  • Multiple Levels. The game has over 30 different breathtaking levels you can play for hours. In and out of the body, the fight never stops.
  • Different Enemies. There are over 20 different types of attacking viruses and at the end of each level you’ll have to fight against a dreadful superboss. There are only 8 bosses but those are difficult to defeat.
  • Upgrades. During the game you can get help by upgrading your shoot/health, adding extra cells that automatically shoot too or add smart cells that attack precisely their targets.
  • Achievements & Leaderboards. If you get a great score you’ll be able to access the game Leaderboards and see how you compare with others. There are also achievements to obtain depending on the game goals.

The game resembles a little with a combination between Tower Defence and Pong, but it adds its own gameplay elements to create a fun game for those times when you have nothing better to do than play. It’s also an informative one as it will let (especially children) know how viruses get us infected.

Body Defence is available for free on Google Play and it displays ads at the bottom of the screen during play.