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Andriod 4.2 and up +


“BlueLight” is a safety partner on your phone that can send automatic emergency alerts in case of an attack and provide reassurance on a day to day basis. If you need help, it’s more effective than dialing 911.

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Product Description

While BlueLight is mostly used by students, it can be a powerful safety partner for anyone else that wants extra security: runners, travelers, bikers, … The basic idea is that if you need help in an emergency, BlueLight is the fastest way to reach for help. BlueLight lets you easily share your location with friends/family and lets them know when you arrived safely – if you need help the app can automatically route your call to the nearest emergency service.

Here are some of its features that make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their personal safety:

  • ON WAY. Share with others when you travel so that they can follow you and get notified when you arrive at your destination (they don’t need to have the app installed).
  • LOCKSCREEN USE. BlueLight can be put on your lockscreen so you can use it faster than 911 if you need help in an emergency.
  • 911 DIALER OVERLAY. If you are routed to 911 when using BlueLight it will show your address on the dialler for you to give that to the dispatcher faster.
  • ROUTING TO NEAREST HELP BlueLight routes your call for help to the nearest emergency services (private or public).  If you are on campus, it will route your call to Campus Security.  If you’re off campus, it will route you to 911.
  • PROVIDING LOCATION – When you make a call for help through BlueLight, we will give emergency services access to your current location and contact information (on campus).


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