Bike Dash



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Product Description

Are you up for the ultimate bike ride challenge? Meet Bike Dash, a game that combines the craziness from bike stunt games with incredibly simple controls, creating a frustratingly-addictive experience.

Pick a bike that fits your style and jump (literally) on the track, doing backflips, double-jumps and everything needed to advance as far as possible while avoiding deadly spikes.

Control the game with only one finger and enjoy minimalist graphics with a strong focus on the gameplay and physics-based dynamics.

Game features:

  • One tap bike ride gameplay. Control your bike with simple taps, and try to ride your bike as far as possible avoiding obstacles. Tap to jump/double-jump or do crazy backflips.
  • Multiple bike types. Collect diamonds along your way to unlock 9 different crazy bikes, from regular downhill bikes to BMX or even double-ride bikes.
  • Realistic dynamics. Bike Dash allows you to do all sort of bike tricks, and you’ll experience realistic physics landings on your back or front wheel. Have fun on crazy tracks with various obstacles (spikes EVERYWHERE!).
  • Minimalist design. Bike Dash features a minimalist design that helps you focus on the actual gameplay rather than useless eye candy. The dynamic animations are physics-based