Beep: Contacts app

Beep: Contacts app

Beep: Contacts app

Andriod 4.0.3+


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Product Description

Meet Beep, an app that lets you enjoy the beauty of big contacts & photos with big dialer keypads for easier access to the people you need.

Beep has a smart design that displays contacts with large images and it is powered by a clever algorithm that creates a list of favorite contacts that you talk the most with. It will also save a full list of call logs linked to each of the contacts you talked with, in a chat-style format.

Main list of features:

  • Big contact images & keypad. Beep will display your contacts with large images for better interaction. The keyboard/keypad is also enhanced for easier typing, Goodbye tiny keys!
  • Direct WhatsApp integration. You can call every contact on your list but also just as easy start a new WhatsApp chat. Not only that, but Beep lets you send an SMS or Email directly to that contact (or customize the quick actions).
  • Auto-favorite contacts. Beep uses a smart algorithm to automatically create a list of favorites. These are dynamically adapted based on call frequency & other signals.
  • Profile & chat-style call logs. Most devices have limited call logs thus you won’t have true call history. Beep on the other hand keeps unlimited call logs and ties those to the profile of each contact.
  • Social contacts. Beep lets you pull images for contacts from Facebook, even if those are not your Facebook friends as long as their profiles are not private.

Beep doesn’t have any in-app purchases or ads so it is 100% free and available on Google Play.