BBGEO: Brick Breaker

BBGEO: Brick Breaker

BBGEO: Brick Breaker

Twopro Productions
Andriod 2.3+


BBGEO is a retro game where you must help Ali stop the space geometry asteroids from reaching Earth. Wave after wave of retro-looking asteroids advance and you must shoot balls to destroy them before reaching the ground.

Swipe down to show the calculated path and release to have the balls bounce off asteroids and walls – the better you estimate trajectories, the higher your score will be.

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Brick-breaker gameplay. BBGEO features an endless classic brick-breaking play style where you must aim and unleash balls to destroy geometry asteroids coming down in waves. Each turn brings a new wave of asteroids and increases your ball stack (with a bit of luck).
  • Retro style. BBGEO has retro graphics with a neon-like style that makes the game a perfect entertainment getaway for retro-nostalgics (and not only). Swipe down to help Ali unleash indestructible balls but try to choose a direction that you estimate will do the most damage.
  • Powerups. Among the asteroids there will be power-ups that help you hit an entire row or column (horizontal or vertical lasers), give the balls a push (encased spring) or adds extra balls for the next shooting round. This helps since asteroids are tougher to destroy (multiple hits required).
  • Custom balls. The better you play, the more in-game $$$ you gain. You can use these to unlock custom-designed balls. From fire balls to Epic balls, you get to pick out of 35 different ones currently available.

BBGEO is available for free on Google Play so one tap away from an endless brick-breaking adventure.