Battle of Warplanes

Battle of Warplanes

Battle of Warplanes

Extreme Developers
Andriod 4.0.3+


In Battle of Warplanes you can pick one of the dozen available combat planes and join a 3D battle against other real players from around the globe. Just jump into the cockpit of your plane and keep firing until you destroy all your enemies!

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Product Description

Here’s what makes “Battle of Warplanes” one of the greatest multiplayer air battle game:

  • Online Air Battles. Battle of Warplanes is a massive online multiplayer air battle with impressive 3D graphics. Pick your combat plane and join the sky battles with other real players. Each mission has a particular goal (i.e. pick-up 3 fuel cans) but you must do your best to stay alive.
  • Multiple Warplanes. 16 different airplanes can be unlocked, from the classic Wildcat to a powerful Tomcat or Berkut. The better the plane, the better your chances for surviving and destroying other air enemies.
  • Upgrades. Using the in-game currency (received for completing missions or destroying enemies) you can upgrade your combat plane to make it more powerful. Get a better main gun and improve the auto-loader to shoot faster. Improve your plane’s armor, engine and fuselage to survive longer. With 15 different camouflage types you can also customize your plane’s design.
  • 3D Graphics and Realistic Physics. With breathtaking 3D design and realistic physics movement, “Battle of Warplanes” gives you the feeling of flying in a real cockpit. Use the controls to dodge incoming attacks and keep firing your guns to destroy targets!

The only way to become the ruler of the sky is to dominate your enemies by constantly improving your plane and staying alert. Enemy planes are everywhere! “Battle of Warplanes” is available for free on Google Play so one tap away from realistic air battles.