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Ready to be BamBoozalled? Introducing BAM!, a free trick-taking card game, played against an opponent, with the purpose of winning the most Rounds in a Hand to ultimately collect the pot.

Careful though, if you don’t win a Round, you’ll be BamBoozalled and have to match the pot amount at the beginning of the next Hand.

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Product Description

See the game in action in this quick demo:

Game features:

  • Incremental pot amounts. Players compete for a ‘pot’, a predetermined amount both players submit at the beginning of a Hand. The pot increases incrementally or substantially when someone gets BamBoozalled!
  • 3 – 6 Rounds per Hand. The number of Rounds per hand is determined by the number of cards a player receives in a level. Different (and less) cards provide different Hand outcomes and possibilities!
  • 10 Hands per Level – or 100 games and 580 Rounds!
  • 3 opponent types – A different number of cards mixed with different player types means unexpected outcomes!
  • 2 IAP types – Like the main game? Change it up and add the variable of no trumps plus timed games!