Avaza provides a single integrated view of clients and projects allowing businesses to make better decisions. Avaza brings new functionality to smaller businesses usually only found in large enterprise software and unaffordable to most companies. Avaza can be used from your smartphone/tablet, desktop PC or any device that has an Internet connection.

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Product Description

Avaza.com is a unique online software suite that offers project management & collaboration, timesheets, expense management & invoicing all in one. Hence it is ideal for freelancers, consultants and professional services organisations who tend to mix and match a variety of software from different companies to help run their business. These products suffer from weak integrations, leading to data duplication, manual data entry and poor reporting across business processes.
Here are some of the features that Avaza helps you with when managing your business:

  • Project Management. Avaza has beautiful drag-and-drop task management with real-time activity feed. Each project can be divided into smaller sections, with estimation, deadlines and flexible ways to track your project budget.
  • Timesheets & Time Tracking. Accurately track time using the timer and see each task’s duration in day or week view. Timesheets can be converted easily into invoices with a click of a button. Get reports for staff utilization and see where your team’s time is spent. Timesheet data can be exported for use in external systems.
  • Expense Management. You can easily snap a photo of a receipt and email it to Avaza (or upload it) to be able to track and manage your expenses. Receipts can be in any currency and powerful reporting will give you control over your expenses.
  • Invoicing & Payments. The Invoicing functionality of Avaza allows users to send professional invoices in moments, and seamlessly accept online payments.
  • Security. Data is stored in the cloud with bank-level security and automated back-up to keep your data safe and confidential.


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