Asteroids Crack Multiplayer

Asteroids Crack Multiplayer

Asteroids Crack Multiplayer

Mike Leenaars
Andriod 2.3+

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Product Description

In Asteroids Crack you are one of the finest pilots in the Universe trying to save Earth from a humongous field of deadly asteroids. Just point in the direction of an asteroid and tap to blast it away, but move swiftly enough as asteroids keep coming.

Main Features:

  • Classic Asteroids gameplay. “Asteroids Crack” features the classic gameplay of the well-known Arcade game. Use your ship to target incoming asteroids and tap to shoot & destroy those without getting smashed in the process. Think fast, aim precisely and ANNIHILATE!
  • Single & Multiplayer mode. You can play the game in Single player mode, where you control a ship and destroy incoming asteroids by yourself, or in multi-player mode where you join a room in the Space World alongside other brave fighters. Switch between a cockpit-view and an external view of the ship.
  • Retro style. The game has Arcade graphics with a retro-style that makes the game a perfect entertainment getaway for retro-nostalgics (and not only). Starting with the space environment to the ships you control and incoming asteroids, all elements feature a pixel-perfect style.
  • Achievements & Leaderboard. Unlock 10 different achievements and access the leaderboards once your score gets high enough. Challenge your friends to see who’s better at shooting down asteroids and protecting Earth.

Asteroids come in different “flavors” thus destroy a green one to gain extra protection or a gold one to double your points but beware of red ones as those destroy you if they’re not smashed in time. “Asteroids Crack” is available for a small fee on Google Play.