ARmagic: Magic Photo Effects

ARmagic: Magic Photo Effects

ARmagic: Magic Photo Effects

Dmytro Dolotov
Andriod 4.0.3+


ARmagic is an augmented reality app that lets you create magic photo effects and share those with friends.

Just start the app and point the camera to anything you’d like to overlay on and apply one of the dozens of magical effects to see it live.

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Product Description

Main features:

  • Augmented reality technology. ARmagic gives you magic powers to control forces of nature. It uses advanced AR (augmented reality) technology to display in real time various effects over anything you point your camera at.
  • Magic photo effects. ARmagic includes 10 different effects that allow you to create energy and plasma balls, control fire and lightning or summon tornados and storms. You can take a snapshot of each effect and have your own magic photo.
  • Selfie AR photos. You can switch the camera view and thus create the perfect magic selfie by photo overlaying various effects on yourself.
  • Share your creations. Every photo with special effects can be saved or shared with friends in chats and social networks! Create powerful images to send a message or prank friends that you control nature’s elements.

ARmagic is only one tap away from literally holding balls of plasma/fire/energy in your hand and it is available for free on Google Play.