Approach Me, Inc.
- February 28, 2015
Andriod 2.3.3 and up +


ApproachMe® is a Real-Time, Self-Guiding Radar app that makes it easy, secure, and fun to find each other in crowded areas. You can also mark spots to easily return to later (i.e. where you parked your car).

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Product Description

Admit it, at least once in your lifetime you got lost either from family/friends or in a parking lot/concert/supermarket. We’ve all been there and that’s what drove us find a solution to this problem: ApproachMe®

Here is why ApproachMe will be your best friend:

  • Find friends & family. With its innovative Radar system you can easily and securely find family & friends in places such as shopping centers, festivals, concerts, parking lots, amusement parks, … It works even if everyone is moving around and once they are in close proximity, you will be alerted and guided to each other
  • Find marked spots. You can mark the spot where you are (i.e. where you park your car, or a favorite booth at a festival) so you can easily walk back to it again using the Self-Guiding Radar
  • Set meet-ups. You and your friends can set-up Meetup requests and you will be able to find each other, whether you are standing still or moving around. This allows you the freedom to walk around to a different location without fear of losing sight of each other
  • Total privacy. ApproachMe does not require giving up or mapping your address or physical location. Your identity stays completely anonymous, and your privacy is protected. No one will ever find your location or locate you without your permission for each session. Each session expires automatically even if you forget to delete it.


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