Appeer: App Discovery

Appeer: App Discovery

Appeer: App Discovery

- June 11, 2015-Teen
Andriod 4.0 and up +


Google Play offers a frustrating experience for app discovery, since you only see popular & similar apps. Enters Appeer, the app that helps you find the apps you need.

Appeer is focused on the user. We use a unique formula that combines what we know about you with information from your friends to recommend apps. NO paid recommendations are shown, only organic recommendations.

Simply start following some of your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ friends on Appeer and if an app is used by 3 or more of your friends and you don’t have it, you’ll get a recommendation.

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Product Description

Here are the features that Appeer kicks Google Play’s a** with in terms of app discovery:

  • Apps Fine-Tuned to You. The core of Appeer focuses on helping you discover apps/games that you might be interested in. Using the information about apps your friends have installed combined with what you use apps are recommended to you automatically.
  • Recommendations & Timeline. Appeer displays feeds of app cards with your recommendations, but also a timeline with all the recommendations your friends received. You’re able to bookmark apps for later and receive notifications for new recommendations.
  • Following and Followers. Appeer will auto-follow people that have similar app inventories as you and also you can follow your friends from Google+/Twitter/Facebook that use the app. This way you get more tailored recommendations.
  • organic, Organic, ORGANIC. You will not see any PAID app recommendations, as Appeer only displays organically discovered apps. Its only focus is to help you discover apps tailored to your needs.

With Appeer you have someone working relentlessly so that you discover the apps you need faster and easier.


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