Animal Sounds

Android 4.1+


Animal Sounds is an educational app designed especially for kids. It can be played by children that want to learn the different types of animals and their sounds, but also as a fun family activity of guessing animals by their sounds.

With hundreds of animals ranging from small insects to large mammals, this app is ideal for educational purposes.

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Hundreds of animal sounds. Hundreds of animals with HD photos and specific sounds are grouped in several categories (Pets, Birds, Insects, …). Simply shake the phone and the sound for that particular animal will be played.
  • Photo slideshow. You can easily start a slideshow with HD animal photos and just shake the phone when you want sounds as well. Photos can be loaded randomly too from a particular category.
  • Child protection. Once the animal slideshow is started you can easily lock the screen so that your child won’t tap on the wrong buttons. They’ll only be able to see the animal photos and listen to their sounds.
  • Create favorites. Aside the main animal categories you can also access a Favorites category. Then, for any photo you want, you can add it to your list of favorites and play only those.
  • Easily find animals. You can use voice recognition to find a particular animal. This can be used to teach your child how to pronounce the animal names.

“Animal Sounds” will captivate your kids’ attention while also helping them to learn various domestic and wild animals. The app combines entertainment with education and is available for free on Google Play.