Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush

Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush

Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush

Feelnside Games
Android 5+


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Product Description

Ready for a challenging downhill race? In Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush you just grab your sled and snow-slide all the way to the finish line.

Rush through cities, villages, snowy mountains and frozen rivers all while trying to avoid deadly obstacles. Collect in-game tokens and use those to unlock more powerful sledges and new animals. Set up new worldwide records, unlock various achievements and have lots of fun! You can experience the gameplay in this quick demo:

Game Features:

  • Endless running gameplay. Enjoy a dynamic gameplay with a winter racing game vibe as you slide to the finish line while trying to avoid movable obstacles (rocks, snowballs, …).
  • Beautiful graphics. Experience breathtaking low poly graphics with lots of well crafted animals (fox, wolf, …) and beautiful scenery. A game that really puts you in the Christmas mood.
  • Multiple game modes. Play 5 different game types, from simple-task finish line reaching to avoiding specific obstacles (ice traps). You can also play in endless mode and choose a difficulty.
  • Customize your sled. As you gather in-game resources you can use those to upgrade your sled to a more powerful one. Add rockets, impulse guns and much more to help you annihilate obstacles.
  • Unique maps & easy controls. Simply swipe left/right to control your sled through lots of unique maps. From snowy mountains to villages and industrial zones, you’ll have a blast.