Angry Jew

- August 19, 2014
Andriod 2.3.3 and up +


“Angry Jew” is a 2D action game in which you play as Mendel, a present-day Orthodox Jew that goes back in time to 19th century Czarist Russia to wreak revenge on the Cossacks and rescue as many holy books as possible.

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Product Description

Help little Mendel complete his mission. Help him, as you can see here what the dreadful Russians will do to him:

With an easy gameplay and beautiful design these features make “Angry Jew” a great game:

  • Beautiful graphics with Jewish motifs and fast-paced action taking place during the night in the 19th century Russia
  • Enjoy playing 30 levels each with new challenges and characters or choose the endless mode where you keep playing until you die (and you will)
  • Have a great time as the game is filled with funny puns, accompanied by a thrilling soundtrack that fits perfectly the gameplay
  • Collect items and use powerups to advance (such as the hand of God or angel of books and magnets)
  • Share your misery with your friends on social media


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