Angle Shooter

Wuzko Studio
Andriod 4.0+


Angle Shooter is a unique physics-based puzzle where the aim is to hit all platforms and stars in each level. You control a canon for that purpose and all shot bullets will ricochet from platforms before destroying those.

Angle Shooter is more than a game, it is a tool to help you fine-tune your puzzle solving skills by forcing you to visualise the trajectory of the cannon ball.

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Product Description

Main features:

  • Puzzling gameplay. The goal is to collect the stars on screen and destroy all barriers on that 8×11 grid. You have limited cannon shots thus you must calculate trajectories and overcome the puzzling obstacles.
  • Hours of fun. Angle Shooter features over 120 different levels of puzzling gameplay. Levels start easy but grow in difficulty exponentially, which accounts for dozens (if not hundreds) of fun hours.
  • Gradual difficulty. In the first few levels, you only have regular bullets that ricochet and destroy the platforms. But as you progress you’ll unlock special bullets (i.e. those that move and rotate platforms), new obstacles (i.e. black holes) and even a way of recycling bullets. The game never gets boring!
  • Simple graphics. In Angle Shooter the focus is on the physics-puzzle not on the graphics. Coupled with minimal sounds, it helps you focus on solving the puzzle.

Angle Shooter is one of those games that helps you fine-tune your logical rationing in a fun way. Just remember, the tougher it gets, the better after-solving feeling you’ll have so keep on trying!