Ancient Puzzle: Match-3

Ancient Puzzle: Match-3

Ancient Puzzle: Match-3

Android 2.3+

Ancient Puzzle is an unique game that combines Match-3 gaming with role-playing. You control a team of heroes and advance through thousands (literally!) of levels fighting enemies.

To attack just swipe the 3D cubes so that at least 3 adjacent faces match.

Unlock group attack skills and use gained coins to upgrade your heroes and deal more damage

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Match-3 meets RPG gameplay. This game uniquely combines puzzle solving gameplay of Match-3 games with advanced character development & dynamism of RPG games. Swipe to turn 3D cubes and match-3 or more similar facets to attack enemies using your team of heroes.
  • Dozens of heroes, thousands of levels. 90+ different heroes to choose from and build your powerful team of 5. Each hero can be upgraded to increase combat/health/wisdom. Unlock special items, unleash group skill attacks and fight almost endlessly through 1000+ various levels.
  • Multi-player collaboration. Ancient Puzzle is one big gaming world where players from all corners of the globe join in. You can assist other players in fights and get help from them when in need.
  • Epic soundtrack & amazing graphics. You have a 3D view of the environment and match-3 cubes, as well as animated tutorials. The game has its own incredible epic soundtrack and sounds (orchestra-like) that will simply captivate your ears.
  • Make friends & view replays. Befriend other players and team-up in the fight against the dark forces. Visit the Ancient TV section to watch gameplays shared by others or share your own epic fight to be the next Ancient TV sensation.

Ancient Puzzle is available for free on Google Play: