An Anteater’s Adventure

An Anteater's Adventure

An Anteater’s Adventure

Surreal Android
Android 4.0+


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Product Description

Ready for a unique ant eating adventure? An Anteater’s Adventure offers a unique gameplay where you explore a magical world filled with yummy ants. Use your anteater’s abilities to destroy all those pesky ants and beware of the dangers that lurk in the nests.

Collect gems to upgrade your gear and unlock a whole range of weaponry, from hoovers to anti-air guns. The ultimate goal is to eat as many ants as possible and level up your ant-eating hero.

Main features:

  • Arcade gameplay. Guide your hungry anteater through a world infested by ants and other insects. Try to eat as many ants as possible, collect items and gems, while avoiding to be eaten alive by them..
  • Different game modes. Choose to play in Arcade mode and complete up to 5 different levels each with an increasing difficulty. Reach level 2 to unlock the Custom play mode.
  • Upgrades and perks. Collect gems to upgrade your anteater and be more productive at eating ants. Gain experience to level up and upgrade your perks (i.e. defend better, attack faster).
  • Awards. The more you play, the higher the chances of unlocking achievements. There are 30 different awards to win, all linked to how good you are at eating ants.

An Anteater’s Adventure is an unique game that puts into focus a curious animal that even Salvador Dali worshiped.