Ambush in Sector 9

Ambush in Sector 9

Ambush in Sector 9

Pug Fugly Games
- May 5, 2014
Andriod 2.1 and up +


“Ambush in Sector 9” is a free action packed Arcade shooter.

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Product Description

Can you survive wave after wave of vicious alien attack? Lost in Sector 9, you have no hope of escape. There are hostile aliens all around. The only question is how many can you take with you?

In “Ambush in Sector 9” wave after wave of vicious aliens want to get you slaughtered in time for tea and let’s face it, they probably will. But you’re not going to go down without a fight so use the power ups and drones as best you can to see how many you can take with you!


  • Pure Arcade gameplay presenting a challenge for any retro gamer
  • Power ups and drones to help you against the many enemies
  • Great graphics with many alien enemies, explosions and other visual effects
  • Unlock achievements and compare your skills with your friends in the Leaderboard“Ambush in Sector 9” has everything you’d want from a space shooter at a price you can’t really argue with.


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