Almighty Lord: 12-in-1 Games

Almighty Lord: 12-in-1 Games

Almighty Lord: 12-in-1 Games

QIUP Game Studio
Andriod 4.0.3+


Almighty Lord is a suite of 12 different casual games that you can play to test your speed, your memory, coordination and even quiz or train your IQ. It has beautiful graphics while still being playable on low-end devices, so a game for everyone.

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Product Description

It’s one of the most comprehensive suite of games and these are the ones you can play:

  • Babel tower. A tower stacking game where you must tap at the exact moment to add layers for a tower. The higher it goes, the better your score will be. Tap too soon or too late and game over.
  • Hero hero. Similar to Stick Hero, you must tap to stretch a rope and walk from one platform to another. Careful though, if it’s too short you’ll fall and that’s it.
  • Hexagon erasure. Bubble pop type of game where you must tap on similar colored hexagons to pop them and score high.
  • Tank battle. A dynamic battle game where you must use your tank to destroy the others around you. Many enemies await so fast reaction is a must.
  • Ultimate jump.  Platform game where you must help your hero jump, shoot and avoid landing on deadly obstacles.
  • Card master. Memory game that requires you to pair identical cards.
  • Fun dice. Move a dice in such a way that you capture surrounding elements.
  • Pet treasure. A game where you must memorize the position of pet avatars.
  • Cloud shuttle. With a gameplay similar to Doodle Jump, you must tap to keep going up and avoid getting caught.
  • Double downhill. Speed game where you must coordinate both hands.
  • Water balance. Avoid getting eaten by ginormous sharks by moving left/right and collecting gold coins.
  • Land of evolution. On a dashboard with various shapes you must combine the similar ones to synthesize a different shape.

Almighty Lord spans over hundreds of hours of play, as you can find a casual game for any occasion. Here are some of its main features:

  • 12-in-1 games for any taste
  • Play in single mode or Battle mode against other real players online
  • Globally connected with access to local and world leaderboards
  • Multiple types of characters to play with
  • Each game has 3 different levels of difficulty (from Easy to Hard)
  • The game uses 3D graphics acceleration so that everything will look perfect even on low-end devices
  • Even if it has 12 different games, the size is a mere 30Mb
  • Player profiles with multiple level upgrades

Almighty Lord is more of a social gaming hub than a simple game, as you also get to connect with other players and add/discuss with friends. The game is available for free on Google Play and offers in-app purchases.

You can see the game in action here: