3D Bocce Ball

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Product Description

Want to play a game with roots in the Roman Empire? Bocce is 3D simulator of the traditional Italian ball game that combines stunning visuals with an easy yet challenging gameplay. The goal is to defeat your opponent in a match by throwing balls as close to a set target as possible.

3D Bocce Ball offers a realistic simulation of the original game and can be played against the AI or your friends. Correct aim and timing is everything, thus it is an excellent game for those that want to work on their accuracy while having fun.

Game Features:

  • Traditional Gameplay. This game follows the traditional game play of the old Bocce game, played from the Roman Empire onwards. The rules are simple, compete against AI or other players by throwing balls as close to the original target as possible.
  • Multiple Play Modes. For those unfamiliar with Bocce, the game includes a Tutorial mode that teaches you how to play it. You can also play the main game in Easy, Medium or Hard mode. Ultimately, you can challenge your friends at a multiplayer Bocce game.
  • 3D Graphics. You can choose between different play areas (i.e. “indoors”) and enjoy the beauty of 3D Bocce gaming. The camera switches between various shooting positions, animations are all three-dimensional, and you’ll have an intense gaming experience.
  • Powerups & Upgrades. Use earned coins to unlock various sets of balls, that aside having a different design can also have different characteristics (accuracy, speed, and bounciness). Each has various powerups as well (i.e. Focus perk, Steady aim).