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Product Description

Ready for a math puzzle MMOG, 2048-style? 2048.io is a massive-multiplayer mobile .io game where the goal is to become the biggest numbers’ snake in the world. Numbers puzzles have never been more fun, especially when you can play against friends and other worldwide players.

2048.io merges the classic numbers puzzle gameplay with the addictiveness of Snake, and nevertheless the excitement of live multi-player gaming. Practice your skills in challenge mode and enter the epic live arenas to climb your way up on the leaderboards. Play against players from all over the world using your cunning to outsmart them. Stay cautious though, as your snake’s head is the weak point, if you get touched you die!

Game features:

  • Multiplayer .io gameplay. 2048.io combines the classic gameplay of the popular puzzle with the dynamic of .io live gaming, in a snake-like style. Collect numbers and build the largest snake, while avoiding to crash head first into another snake.
  • Solve challenges. If you want to train your skills at 2048.io you can play in challenge mode. 50 different challenges available, playable in 3 different modes: Normal, Hard, Extreme. The more challenges you solve, the higher your reward.
  • Choose tile style. Tired of the default look of the number snake? Use your earned coins to unlock one of the other tile styles and differentiate from the other players. 20 different styles available, from multiple-colored ones to burning tiles.
  • Live leaderboard & achievements. When you play in live multi-player mode there’s a live leaderboard that dynamically changes. Can you be the best and beat all the other worldwide players? Connect your Google Play Games account to unlock achievements as well.