2001: Numbers’ Puzzle

2001: Numbers' Puzzle

2001: Numbers’ Puzzle

Android 5+


Ready to Twerk your mind? 2001 is a numbers’ puzzle game that challenges you to do fast additions while having fun. Not only you relax playing, but you also train your brain.

It’s very simple to play, just tap-and-swipe over mines with digits on them until you reach the given target then release.

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Product Description

Mines will explode and your score will increase. Reach the given Challenge score to advance onto the next (more difficult) level. Careful though, you only have 3 tries per challenge!

You can see the game in action here: https://youtu.be/hhfakfEZLWw

Main features:

  • Fun numbers’ puzzle gameplay. 2001 features a true numbers’ puzzle that tests your fast addition skills. The goal is to tap and swipe over rows/columns of digits to match exactly the given target.
  • A brain training experience. 2001 not only proves to be fun but also useful. It relies on adding multiple numbers together in your mind, thus challenging your brain to do additions.
  • Easy to play. This is a game for all ages as it is very easy to play while learning. Simply tap and hold on the mine tiles until you reach the given Target number and then release. Those mines will explode making room for others.
  • Multiple challenges. It features 8 different challenges that increase gradually in difficulty. Start with the first 101 stage (the goal is to get up to a score of 101) and advance by the power of 2 (201, 401, …).