100 Doors Star Galaxy

100 Doors Star Galaxy

100 Doors Star Galaxy

Android 4.0+


Join the newest space escape adventure with 100 Doors Star Galaxy!

Use your wits to solve puzzles and escape from the rooms of a futuristic spaceship, travel to alien planets, meet their inhabitants and explore their secrets!

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Product Description

You’ll need to solve riddles, take on quests, play mini-games, find hidden locations, bypass traps and fight robots to discover the ultimate secret. Use hints or get help when you are lost, and enjoy the beauty of space.

Game Features:

  • Exciting escape puzzles. Enjoy 100 levels with their own plot and unique graphics. The goal is to escape as fast as possible by solving complex puzzles. Sharpen your logic and observation skills as millions others do.
  • Space, the final frontier. “100 Doors Star Galaxy” features an amazing escape story with a futuristic space theme. Escape from a spaceship, help aliens, bypass traps and fight robots guarding secrets.
  • Get free hints & help. Some levels are very difficult and that’s where tips and help comes handy. Use your collected coins to easily escape a room, or use hints to see where you must search for clues.
  • Beautiful graphics. Enjoy a mesmerizing design that gives the feeling of playing in a movie rather than a game. Discover alien planets, incredible creatures, spaceships, gadgets, robots plus new weekly added items.
  • Multi mini-games. You won’t get bored as the game features a huge variety of logical puzzles and also includes mini-games. From checkers, hidden object searches to quests & hundreds of secrets, there’s always something new.