APP Review Submission Service

Congratulations on releasing your app! Now the tough part starts, MARKETING.

Isn’t it a hassle to contact app review sites by yourself? I can help you with that by submitting your app to more than 140 app review sites (ANDROID only).

  App Review Submission Service – $99.99

Just click on the buy button above to purchase the service or scroll down to read more.

Save Time

After you purchase the service there’s nothing else you need to do, I create everything I need and when the submission is done send you a report.

140+ App Review Sites

I contact more than 140 app review sites in your name – if one replies, that goes directly to you as they will only see your email/name not mine.

Report & Plan

Once the app submission is done I send you a report with details. As a bonus, I also look through your app listing and send you some app store optimization suggestions.

How the App Review Submission Service Works

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Why Choose our App Review Submission Service?

Manual submission to 140+ app review sites

Your app or game will be submitted to 140+ Android app review websites (number varies as some sites are added, others removed). Delivery time is up to 2-3 working days (but usually I try to finish it in less than 2 days). While there’s no recommendation on how many of these will publish a review (and if), I do my best to submit your app as it would be my own creation.

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Detailed report after submission

Once the submission is completed, you will receive an Excel file with all sites that were kept track of. You will see marked with yes the sites that your app was submitted to, but the Excel also includes other websites that I don’t submit to (i.e. sites that require an account creation, app publishers).

The Android app submission websites list you receive in Excel format has in total over 350 listings sorted by popularity. It contains sites that accept email/online form submissions (these are the 140+ sites I submit your app to), sites that require account creation (i.e. forums), stores and publishers and social media accounts. For most of the app review sites there are social channel links listed as well (Facebook/Twitter/Google+).


Your app/game will also be mentioned for free on the official Facebook account (see its link in the header, 800+ likes). As well it will be listed on an AndroidB Google+ community (almost 3000 members) and it will be features on the Apps & Games section of this website.

In the list I send there are also 50 Google+ communities (with up to 1.6 million members in total) that let you promote your app or game

App review submission proofs

You have my guarantee that I indeed submit your app to the sites I mention in the report. During the submission process, after I fill in all the details for a site that has an online form, I take a screenshot. I also take screenshots when I send a message with your app to sites that only accept being contacted via email (I use an email marketing service so I take screenshots of the email I write, the list I send to and the delivery report). I then zip everything and send that to you along with the report. Plus, as I use the email address you provide for contact, you’ll receive dozens of replies from the submission sites (some with confirmation, others with promotional messages).

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you sell me just the list of updated sites?

If you don’t want me to do the submission for you then yes, you can purchase just the list. To do so visit this url and make the payment ($29.99): Buy the big list of Android review sites. This is exactly what this list contains right now: 88 sites that accept submissions via email, 114 sites that accept online submissions, 70 sites and forums that require accounts, 57 sites for stores and publishers and 28 social links. So in total over 350 links.

How many websites will publish my app/game?

I cannot guarantee how many of the websites contacted will publish your app. In the lists I have there are very few websites that publish your app instantly without verifying it first (3-4), usually the other ones that publish will do so after a number of days, though I can’t tell you how much will do so due to factors I cannot control. I do guarantee that your app/game will be published to the social media accounts mentioned above, but please understand that there’s no guarantee on how many other sites will publish your app/game (aside the instant listings). This service is intended to save you time, give you an accurate list of sites as well as advices on what to do next to market your app.

How will I know where the app was submitted?

After the submission process is finished I send you a report, an Excel file that contains several sheets grouped by the type of sites I submitted to (i.e. sites with email addresses, sites with online forms). The Excel file has well over 250+ sites that you can decide if you want to publish to or not, I only submit to the sites that are a good fit for your app or game (i.e. I don’t submit a business app to a game only review sites). You can see a screenshot below with a snippet of how that looks (I blurred out some contact information for privacy issues)

How do I know for sure that you submit the app?

I take the submission process very seriously as honesty is one of my main characteristics (or flaws, depending on how you look at this 😉 ). After I fill in all the details for a site that has an online form, I take a screenshot. I also take screenshots for the sites that I contact via email. I deliver a zip file with all the screenshots (usually 80+ screenshots) along with the report. Plus, as I use the email address you provide for contact, you’ll receive dozens of replies from the submission sites (some with confirmation, others with promotional messages).

What do you need from me to start the submission?

I need the URL of the app/game, an email address that I will use as a contact address when contacting websites and lastly a name to use for contacting the websites. Thus, you are the one receiving the replies from the submission websites.

How accurate is the list of websites?

I review the list of websites several times per week. Right now it has well over 250+ websites in there that I manually curate. I can guarantee that your app will be submitted to at least 130 websites (games to 140 review sites), as I only contact the sites that your app is a good match for. For instance I won’t submit your app to a listing site that only accepts games, nor I would submit a game to a site that only lists educational apps. Furthermore, I don’t submit to sites that only accept paid submissions. When the submission process is completed you will receive an excel file with all the mentioned websites, with columns that show their popularity and also observations regarding each website (i.e. which ones accept only games). After analyzing my competition I can tell you that I have the most accurate list of Android submission websites.

I have an iOS app/game, do you have a list of iOS review sites too or only Android?

I do have a list of iOS review sites too, if you are interested in that just contact me and I can submit your app to iOS sites too.