How to Transfer Data from Your Old Android Device to the New One

How to Transfer Data from Your Old Android Device to the New One

With innovations in mobile operating software and better features available in the latest generations of OS, people seek advanced smartphones for convenience.

But when you switch to a new phone, the biggest problem you face is how to transfer app data. Some apps on the Google Play or Apple Store make data transfer hassle-free and convenient.

Your devices can perform complex tasks, thanks to the top-class iOS and android app development companies.

Here’s what you can do to transfer data between android phones:

Backup the Data on Your Old Android Device

The first step to transferring data to a new phone is to back up the data on the old one. Make sure the device is synced to your Google account:

  • Open system settings;
  • Select Backup;
  • If off, turn on the Backup to Google Drive toggle;
  • Proceed to Backup now.

The process will ensure that all your contacts, app data, passwords, and other data are saved to your Google Drive. You can then access this data on your new android device by restoring it.

Restore Data on your New Android

Restoring the new device transfers the data from the old one when you set it up. All your contacts, calendar dates, and app data are available on your new device. Follow these steps:

  • Start your new android
  • Follow the screen until you see the option to restore data from another device.
  • Select ‘copy your data’
  • You’ll see multiple options, including ‘restore from an Android phone’
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi and sign in to the same Google Account where you backed up the data on your old phone.
  • From the choices available, tap the name of your previous Android.
  • Select ‘apps,’ and your app data will restore in the background as you continue setting up your device.

If you have set up your new android without restoring the previous data, then go back to factory settings and start again.

Some apps allow for data transfer from one android to another. The above method lets you migrate the data directly when setting up your new device. But these apps can transfer the data after setup without resetting to factory settings.

Data Transfer Apps for Android Smartphones

1.      Samsung Smart Switch

The app allows the transfer of data from the old phone to the new one via three methods:

  1. Digital or USB cable
  2. Wireless
  3. SD Card

It supports all file types, including calendars, call logs, SMS, documents, and wallpapers. But app data transfer only works for Galaxy devices.

·         For Wireless Transfer

Select wireless, then receive or send (depending on if it’s old or new) from Android.

Then follow the prompts that pop up on the new phone.

·         For USB Cable

Via the USB connector, link your old and new Samsung devices. Open the app on your new device and change the settings to the Media device (MTP). Follow the screen prompts to transfer data.

·         For SD Card Transfer

Connect your new Samsung smartphone with the external storage device and follow the given steps to transfer data.

2.      Cloneit

It supports the transfer of 12 types of data. For Android to android migration, it does not require an internet connection.

The app allows wireless migration of data at a speed of 20M/s.

Here is what you should do after downloading the app on both old and new androids:

  • Within your android settings, go to Accessibility or Security and allow for the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Open the app on both devices. Select either ‘sender’ or ‘receiver’.
  • On your new phone, the scanner will pick up the old phone. Select and click ‘OK’ to proceed.
  • Follow the screen prompts, choose what apps and files you want to transfer, and await completion.

3.      Phone Clone

Like Samsung, Huawei prefers Phone Clone for data transfer. You can migrate app data from the old phone to the new one In a few taps,

  • Install the app on both android phones
  • On the new device, select ‘new phone (receive)’
  • A Wi-Fi password will be generated, save it for the next step
  • On the old device, tap ‘old phone (send)’
  • Select the Wi-Fi network created on the new phone and enter the password given.
  • On connection, data will transfer automatically to the latest android device.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the methods you can use to transfer app data from an android to an android smartphone. The process differs depending on your OS and the phone model.

It’s exciting getting a new phone, but it kills all the fun if you lose your data. Hope this article helped you in transferring your data to your new android device.

If you don’t use the ‘built-in’ methods, download the apps for fast and secure data transfer.