Top 2018 trends in mobile app development

Top 2018 trends in mobile app development

Nowadays, mobile apps niche develops dynamically. And also change its tendencies with the appearance of new businesses, never-ending technological enhancement, and unexpected challenges imposed by IT market. Therefore, to remain up-to-date and succeed in the coming year, the proper understanding of the peculiarities of mobile apps development is crucial. And to assist you in this, our team designed this comprehensive list of 7 most influential trends that will determine the success of your mobile app this year.


With an unstoppable growth of data amount produced within the Internet, the question of effective data storage inevitably rises in front of users. And in the contemporary market reality, cloud technology has proved itself as the best tool to manage such an information excess which multiplies annually. Among all, this tool is the safest, the most secure, and highly effective for managing the task of storing data. In particular, by shifting from the necessity to maintain information in the limited individualized memory to leaving it in the Web space, cloud technological base provides an opportunity to use only the specific amount of data needed in the present moment and easily synchronize it among devices and/or other users.


The growing amount of information complicates the world; and so, being simple is a competitive advantage your mobile app should surely capture. By reducing the level of entanglement, we mean, among all, creating an appealing appearance of your content that users can enjoy. On this matter, consider the adaptive information presentation, scrolling appeal, and intuitive design as the key options your app should include, notwithstanding the peculiarities of the content you offer in it. Use the examples of leading IT companies as an inspiration – by taking a closer look at Instagram and Facebook you’ll easily see how widely they apply circular design, cards, and user-friendly flexibility to win the hearts of their millions of users.


In fact, the extreme simplification is not the only dimension mobile app developers should consider this year. The world becomes a faster place, and your app should not restrain to remain up-to-date. Thus, investing in the speed acceleration of your apps surely calls for including into your 2018 budget. The result of more cohesive browsing offered to customers can really impress you – at least, all the non-patient users who couldn’t stay waiting for a mobile page to load will get the chance to turn into your most engaged readers if you pay attention to mobile app acceleration finally.


Both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are still the best inventions in the sphere of entertainment, which means that you should surely use it in case you haven’t made it yet! With VR, the gaming experience has already turned into a passion for numerous users – the target audience of mobile apps, accordingly. As for AR, its positions on the market are not that convincing still, which calls the developers interested in this trend rely heavily on mobile devices as the ambassadors of bringing its allurement into masses. In the given circumstances, 2018 promises to be the year when both VR and AR will be incorporated into most mobile apps – not only games but also those connected with education, traveling, and shopping. Don’t wait in the corner, catch the opportunity and be the first among your competitors to celebrate the tendency!


Everyone highly estimates smartness, and our age has already incorporated this feature into the design of common things surrounding us. So, in 2018, consider the achievements in this sphere – all those smart watches, smart home, LED bulb lights, toys, and medical devices – and turn them into your contemporary advantage on market!  The principle of involving smart objects lies on the ability to use your phone or tablet as a remote control tool, and the perspectives promised to your business refer to the increased ability to collect and analyze information that will contribute to your profitability.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a well-known innovation that rapidly enters virtual reality, and mobile app development is not an exception from this rule. In combination with smart objects, this tool enlarges the horizons of analytical opportunities that can accelerate the success of your business. Precisely, AI tackles the exact information and events that may interest users of your mobile app and works as a smart filter to present the personalized content feed for each of them. The engagement perspectives of this approach are truly bright; however, the task of capturing this opportunity is not that easy for an average company. At the same time, if you are a startup specialized on incorporating AI functions into businesses, your cooperation with IT giants like Google, IBM, and Facebook is a distinct possibility. In other words, it’s never too late to start over again.


Since the key criterion of selecting mobile app trends in this overview is your success, there is no surprise you should consider protection from cyberattacks as a vital trend this year too. With mobile banking as the most attractive niche in this context (we all already enjoy those user-friendly and convenient mobile payments, right?), malware detection and runtime-application self protection are the aspects you should surely pay attention to during this year. Moreover, promising tools to protect yourself from cybercriminals include introducing e-signature and referring to specialists working against denial-of-service attacks. No matter what actually you choose, the eventual result consumers of your app expect is maximum privacy and security of their user experience provided and maintained by the developers.

Of course, this list of tendencies is not exclusionary – there are numerous opportunities you can capture to outperform on the mobile app market. At the same time, taking into account the above-mentioned 7 trends will surely help you eliminate the risk of being an app which users download but never ever open.

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