7 productivity apps for sales people to use as virtual assistants

7 productivity apps for sales people to use as virtual assistants

The age of Artificial Intelligence and algorithms has come. Productivity apps have dominated human’s daily life. In the morning, Siri or Galaxy wakes people up with the daily global news. Before people start their work in the morning, they will check their digital to-do lists. Papers and pens are no longer the best friends of office workers.

It is more or less 15 years only when computers and mobiles took the Philippines by storm. These gadgets did not only make the daily lives of Filipinos easy, but they also became good partners in businesses. The way Productivity apps have evolved over the years has help Filipinos with household chores and office works.

This year, 2017, many productivity applications wowed, not just the Filipino people, but the whole world as well. These apps are now as smart as humans regarding organizing daily tasks and priorities. These applications became the remedy for forgetful and full minds. The algorithms fed to these apps allow them to be very dependable and effective assistance to people.

Today, human services, such as Secretaries and Accountants, are still vital and needed. Somehow, people can now see that Artificial Intelligence can also substitute manpower in terms of these positions. Many desktops, online, and mobile applications can now work out the payroll of a company just like what Accountants do. Now, some new productivity apps may surprise you with their secretarial skills.

Don’t you believe that applications can now substitute Secretaries? Well, let these following apps surprise you:

1. Vender App

With this app sales people can manage their tasks and appointments at the same. It helps its users make better decisions depending on the priorities of their tasks. The application allows its users to log down notes and contacts easily. Data can also be available anywhere offline or online.

2. 24me

This application called juggles all its users’ appointments, notes, social network accounts, utilities, and financial institutions. Aside from that, it has its calendar for plotted appointments as well as contacts’ birthdays and events. 24me users can trust that its notifications will always be there to remind them of due tasks.

3. Dragon Mobile Assistant

Are you constantly driving? Dragon Mobile Assistant is a very good application that allows its users to not switch from one task to another hands-free. You may go from reading news to playing songs easily while driving. It also allows users to find nearby contacts.

4. Assistant.ai

You don’t speak English, and you need an Artificial Intelligence for a Secretary? Google’s Assistant will not disappoint! It is available in many languages. You may download it for many platforms. It allows its users to send emails and texts without opening the actual applications. It can navigate for you and importantly, it can translate for you.

5. EasilyDo

This is a very good AI Secretary if your email notifications trigger your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This application specializes in communication above all. It will be able to calm your OCD down by organizing your emails properly. It filters the notifications that pop out your gadget as well.

6. Cortana

If there is something that the Windows Mobile excels on, that’s going to be its virtual assistant Cortana. Coming third after Siri and Google App, Cortana is still an outstanding and useful assistant of mobile phone users. It gives its users recommendations. It can do particular tasks on behalf of its users.

7. Hound

This is not a dog app nor a Game of Throne reference. It is the rookie of the year in AI and productivity applications. It allows its users to search for items easily. People say that it is the fastest AI today. It also allows third-party applications integrations, such as Expedia, Uber, and Yelp.

During the old days, Secretaries and Accountants had very important roles in improving productivity for sales people. Today, applications can at least partially provide the same utility. How cool is that?

The era of humans is not over. This is not what this article is all about. This article is all about being inspired by the creations of humans and learning how to take advantage of them. It is about improving humans’ lifestyle by using faster and advanced technologies.

This 2017, it is inspiring to know that people are not hiding inside their caves anymore. People are now accepting advanced technological breakthroughs with an open mind. Well, that is good news because, at last, everyone can progress together!

Mark Joshua Santos is a Filipino Blogger, and a digital marketing enthusiast that writes for Optimind. It is a company that develops mobile apps, SEO, and web design company in the Philippines.