5 Android Apps to enhance your professional growth

5 Android Apps to enhance your professional growth

5 Android Apps to simply enhance your professional growth

SmartPhones and Mobile apps have made our lives so easy. Today, we have got an app for every necessity and requirement. From personal to professional usage, mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives and they tend to move closer to us as the smartphones grow.

This article aims at introducing 5 professional Android apps that have been developed to make certain professional tasks easy and also to provide solutions to various professionals issues and requirements. Especially if you are an online business owner, you must certainly try most of these apps.

PS: Don’t forget to read the App descriptions before using them by following the given PlayStore links.

Resume Builder

It’s excellent if you are an expert professional and have an experience with building effective resumes using your professional experience. However, you don’t need to worry if you are a rookie in the professional world. This mobile app is an all in one solution to create a professional resume based on the suggestions and tips from the expert hiring professionals.

It is an absolutely free app with all the vital requirements and multiple resume templates to make a perfect resume on the go. Forget about the tricky formatting hassles you face while making a resume on your desktop or laptop. Just take out your smartphone and start filling in the details asked by the app, choose your favorite layout and instantly generate your resume in the PDF format. The app takes care of the formatting based on the different professional layout options.

You can also instantly share your Resume via WhatsApp, Email or any sharing platform on your mobile.

Barcode to Sheet

Barcode to sheet is an Android app developed for all those professionals involved in data entry job. It’s fine if you have a smaller data to process, however, data entry could be a very tiring, boring and tedious if you have a whole lot of data to enter in your system.

This app can quickly prepare a CSV, XML, or Excel file of your data and you simply update them all at once by importing the file into the target system. This app is a boon if your data is available in a barcode or QR code format.

For example, eCommerce store owners can use this app to scan and update the product UPC, text, URL, Product attributes etc. Simply scan the barcode of the products and their details will be automatically entered in the table. Later you can export the table in CSV, XML, or Excel format and import it to your inventory management system to update all the details at once.

Simply, this app is a solution to quickly prepare a huge data table that can be uploaded to your system to update the entries in a single sway.

Server SOS

Server SOS is not just an Android app but a complete package of an issue and error management system which includes a mobile app and a web-portal.

This app can be used by the website owners to build an uninterpreted communication system with their developer or web development company. The app has two interface – User and client. The client side is for the website owner while the user side is for the developer.

The client can raise or report an issue from his side, which will be shown on the User’s side with an alarm signal. The User can pick the issue and mark as resolved after solving it. The client will be notified about the user who picked the reported issue and solved it.

In this way, you don’t have to depend on the typical ticket management systems which are very slow. Here the client can instantly report the issue and user will instantly solve it and report.

Not just that, you can also use this system inside your own company infrastructure as well. For example, you can add your Server Admin as the User and other server management employees as the Clients. The employees (Clients) will instantly notify the Server Admin (User) when they encounter any issue in the server. The admin will get the alarm notification and resolve the issue.

The best part is, the system manages the record of all the reporting and fixes done. You can later browse through the report to see what was happened and how your employees fixed them.

To use this mobile app, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Install the “Server SOS” app from Play Store.
  2. Create an admin account on the web-portal (http://sos.velsof.com)
  3. Once you create the account, log into the web-portal and select the package of subscription. There are two subscription options:
    • SOS trial Package for free: With this free package, you are allowed to add the maximum of one user who will receive maximum 100 alarms per notifications per month.
    • SOS paid subscription: In the paid subscription option, you can add a respective number of user accounts and an unlimited number of notifications per month as per the subscribed package.
  4. After selecting your desired package, you need to go to Project and add a “New Project” to your account.
  5. You can now explore your project where you can also:
  6. Add new users
  7. Configure settings
  8. Add new Members to your project
  9. Add tags to the users etc.
  10. So, whenever the users, client or members will raise an issue it will send an SOS notification to the admin and all the users.
  11. In this way, the app will help the users to manage emergency situations on their project and in same time help the admin to track the issues easily using the Server SOS app.

Nautica PrestaShop mobile app

This is actually a demo app of a PrestaShop Android mobile app builder. This demo app lets you see your PrestaShop store as a mobile app by simply installing a demo module on your site and entering the site URL in the app.

You can experience in real time how your PrestaShop site will look as an Android mobile app. On this demo, you can test and check all your store’s products, categories, offers, banners, and sliders etc. Since it’s a demo app you cannot place an order from this app. However, you can experience the whole checkout process till the end.

The final app that will be developed by the developers of this app builder after you purchase the paid version will, however, be an unrestricted version. There you will get you own app (not demo) developed specially for your store. You can upload the app to the PlayStore to make it available to your customers. Don’t forget to read the app description for more details.

To check out how your final app will look you can refer to the BHVapers app which was developed using the same service and technology.

Nautica OpenCart mobile app

This app is all similar to what we have seen in the previous point (Nautica PrestaShop Mobile app). Except the previous app was meant for the website owners who have a PrestaShop store, and this app is especially for the OpenCart store owners.

By purchasing the paid version of this app, you can get a fully functional and unrestricted mobile app for your OpenCart store. The app provides a useful option to test your store as a mobile app before you spend your money to get the final app developed. It’s an easy and risk-free way to step into the mobile app world and allow your customers to have a personalized shopping experience on their mobile phones. Test your OpenCart store on this app now.

Author Bio: Ethan Roy, a technical content writer by Profession. With years of experience on various eCommerce platforms (Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Shopify), he has a lot to share with the readers. Currently working as Technical Content Writer at Knowband