HellsPawn, super hero game with amazing post-apocalyptic graphics

HellsPawn, super hero game with amazing post-apocalyptic graphics

Modern gaming has evolved to the point where modern smartphones can offer a similar invigorating and fulfilling experience from the console. While many games have hit the market over the years, claiming to be the ultimate action packed thriller for young gamers, few live up to the mark.

However, with HellsPawn, the game world might actually be about to change. This game is one of the most action packed super hero game on the market, and for sure will be on its way to become a top running action game of 2017. Its creators put a lot of effort to make sure this game remains interesting to gamers, with its inviting story line and exceptional graphics to back up the experience. When compared with other console games, HellsPawn puts up a tough fight. The graphics are top notch and the sound track is truly amazing, futuristic even.

The story line of HellsPawn sets place in a world of freedom which allows gamers the opportunity to fight the ultimate battle before doomsday. The theme is comic based, and provides for a seamless experience in house graphical engine by Emperor Games. This is unusual for mobile games, as many are not suited for providing such a vast and mesmerizing experience. Yet, HellsPawn does that and more. The narrative is captivating and the game plays out perfectly according to the story line.

You begin your adventure as Lindorf, a renowned smuggler, who is an expert at performing major hold ups. The confident thief is famous for these breaking-and entering action scenes, however, this time he’s performing one of the biggest heist to date. As fate would have it, he meets obstacles that keep him from reaching his goals. Lindorf against the CEO of Dylontine Corporation is a thrilling, yet adrenaline rushing experience. As the story line unfolds the thief encounters creatures, soldiers, enemies, and hell copters that he must defeat to advance.

While it may seem like it, HellsPawn is not just an Arcade game. It’s more than action and power fights; each player fights enemies on a different level, fighting demons within as well. Off course, you can bash the head of your enemy with one blow, but the game gives you the leverage to inflict slow death on your opponents as well. From various tactics to calculated strategies, there is more than one way of ending your opponent.

Despite its complexity HellsPawn is an easy game to control and maneuver. The simple buttons can guide your player, make him move, jump, and prepare for combat. The graphics and the theme play are intertwined, and no part of the game feels out of place. The entire aspects merge together perfectly to allow players to experience a tremendous action filled adventure.

Main Features:

  • Unfolding Storyline. The storyline unfolds as you advance through dozens of missions filled with action. The ultimate goal is to find and destroy the cryptic nemesis, the CEO of the Dylontine corporation.
  • Combat Gameplay. Each fight allows you to use environment objects so you’ll be able to pick-up a whole car and smash your enemies with it. Or go the classic way of fast punches to the face.
  • Use SuperPowers. What’s a super hero without powers? And you’ve got super powers to play with. You can unleash lots of powerful combinations at your enemies and as your character builds up you’ll unlock even more.
  • Hordes of Enemies. HellsPawn is filled with enemies that have a sole purpose in mind, destroying you. Fight against soldiers hired by the evil corp, Grizzly tanks, mutated Scorpions, HellCopters and other vile creatures.
  • Hand-drawn-ish Graphics. HellsPawn stands out from the crowd with an unique touch when it comes to the graphics used. A hand-drawn style combined with an apocalyptic touch makes the game irresistible.

For console game players, this might actually be worth a try.

HellsPawn can be installed on both Android  and iOS platforms and further information can be found on the main site.